Today's Idiom is : “Take one’s own sweet time”

今日のイディオム は to “take one’s own sweet time” でーす!

To “take one’s own sweet time” means to do at one’s own pace.

To “take one’s own sweet time” の意味は、マイペース。


A: Has the painter finished your house yet?

A: あの塗装やさん、お宅の塗装終った?

B: No!

B: 未だなのー!

A: Really? It seems like it’s taking a long time…

A: ええー? ずいぶん長く掛かるわね…

B: Yeah, it’s been 3 weeks. The painter is taking his sweet time.

B: そー、もう3週間。あの人、マイペースでやってるから。

A: Maybe he’s just trying to do a really good job?

A: たぶん、一生懸命過ぎるんじゃないの?

B: Or maybe it’s because he’s getting paid by the hour!

B: それか、時給だから、ただ時間かけてるのかもー!

That’s all for today! See you next time! Thank you for your time!


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