Today's Idiom is : “Steal the show”

今日のイディオム は to “steal the show” でーす!

To “steal the show” means to be the most important part of some activity or situation.

To “steal the show” の意味は、人気・話題をさらう。

ーConversation between two people in a bar, discussing a recent football gameー


A: Did you see Rooney’s goal? It was superb! I thought he deserved player of the match…

A: ルーニーのゴール見た? すごかったなー、あれ! MVP持ってくと思ったんだけどな…

B: It was great, but I wasn’t mad when they awarded it to Ronaldo.

B: すごかったけど, ロナルドの受賞もよかったんじゃん.

A: He didn’t even score any goals!

A: あいつ、ゴールも決めてなっかったけど!

B: No, but his defense stole the show! They would have lost the game without him.

B: そーだけど、彼の守備が全部かっさらってたな! やつの守りがなかったら、負けてたぜ。

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