Today's Idiom is : "Jump to Conclusions"

To “jump to conclusions” means to assume or conclude something prematurely.

To “jump to conclusions” の意味は、結論を急ぐ 。

ー ランチしながら友達との会話 ー

A: You seem worried about something Janet, are you alright?

A: ジャネット、何か心配事あるの?

B: I was just thinking about Matt…I think he might be cheating on me.

B: マットの事考えてるんだけど…彼、浮気してると思うのよー。

A: What? Why do you think that?

A: ええ? 何でそー思うの?

B: He’s been coming home from work really late every night and he seems less interested in talking to me.

B: 最近いつも帰りは遅いし、私との会話なんか全然しないし.

A: You’re probably just jumping to conclusions.

I’m sure he’s just working overtime and he’s tired or something.

A: そんな簡単に決めつけないほうがいいんじゃない。


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